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List of Training Courses (Webinar & Presence)

 Naft Andish Yekta PTE Co.


 Code  Item  Description   Code  Item
 Lubricants Tests  N 23  23   Base Oil N 1 
 Lubrication Industrial Global Organization  N 24 24  Industrial & Engine Oil N 2 
 Iranian Lubes Market N 25 25   Turbine Oil  N 3
 Crude Oil  N 26  26    Engine (Motor) Oil  N 4
 Crude Oil Refining Process  N 27 27   Hydraulic Oil  N 5
 How to Refine Gas Condensate N 28 28   Compressor Oil  N 6
 Petroleum Products N 29 29   Aviation Oil  N 7
 Petroleum  Laboratory  N 30 30   Marine Oil  N 8
 Laboratory Instruments  N 31 31   Transformer Oil  N 9
 Anti Corrosion Material   N 32 32   Brake Fluid   N 10  10 
 Oil Pipelines Transferring  N 33 33   Gear Oil   N 11  11 
 Petroleum Calculations  N 34 34   ATF , CVT Oil & Tests  N 12 12 
 Petroleum HSE  N 35 35   Agricultural Oil  N 13 13 
 Automotive Fuels  N 36 36   Greases  N 14 14 
 Aviation Fuels  N 37 37   Motorcycle Oil  N 15 15 
 Automotive Engine Types  N 38 38   Lubricants Additives  N 16 16 
 Automatic Transmission Types   N 39 39   Choose Right Oil  N 17 17 
 Production & Mixing Lubes Plant N 40 40   Oil Analyses  N 18 18 
 Used Oil Plant  N 41 41   What’s Standard?  N 19 19 
 Grease Plant  N 42 42   OPEC & Oil History  N 20 20 
 Condition Monitoring  N 43 43   Machinery Lubrication Principles  N 21 21 
 EV car N 44 44   Oil Book  N 22 22 









This foundational course shows how crude oil & lubricants & lubrication are converted by fractional distillation to premium quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, lubes, and subsequent chemical / refinery unit feedstocks. The course are excellent for experienced operators who want to understand the "why" as much of the "how" of separation, fractional distillation, and splitting processes.

The course introduces operators to basic troubleshooting techniques for the process, equipment, and critical controls.

Target Audience

Refinery, process unit operations and maintenance technicians, supervisors and managers, as well as other non-engineering personnel requiring a fundamental focus on refinery processing facilities.

Downstream Training for the Energy Industry

Downstream organizations must build organizational strength with a focus on workforce development and talent management to assure a sufficient supply of qualified recruits to meet the growing requirements and a commitment to building management and technical capabilities by combining conceptual training with on-the-job learning.


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courses schedule:  All courses listed in the training table have their own heading. The program and calendar of the training course are created according to the customers' request and then the program is adjusted according to the calendar of the experts of each course.

Each course is presented to customers in great detail and practicality to have the best effectiveness. The purpose of Yekta's applied trainings is to provide lasting and correct trainings so that customers always have maximum satisfaction.

  NOTE: All training courses are available in English , Persian , IstanbullianTurkish , Azeri and Kurdish.

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