kerosine is also one of the most popular oil fuels that are used in various industries, domestic, agriculture, aircraft and military aircraft.

kerosine of heavier gasoline is lighter than gas oil and has a dencity @ 15 ˚C = 800-820 kg / m3

1- LAMPA : For household use, lighting, agriculture is heavy industries.


 2 ATK:  AVIATION TURBINE  KEROSINE is a special passenger and commercial  jet turbines that are often turbofen and are known as Jet A & Jet A-1 & Jet B (Special additives avoided moisture and freezing)

3- JP: JET PROPELLANT Special jet engines (jet turbines) are military jet airplanes (or helicopters), which forms at least 75% fuel, and is kept very low by specific additives. JP1-JP2- ........................ .jp8