Turbine Oil

Turbine oil

 Turbine oil is one of the most important industrial lubricants that is increasingly used in heavy oil industries, refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, commercial and military aircraft

The main indicator of any type of turbine oil number  is the viscosity at 40 centigrade degrees and its naming is based on this


Types of turbine oils:

ISO 18, ISO 22 , ISO 32 ,ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100,.. .


The larger the numbers, the thicker and heavier the oil.

Most turbine oils have very important R&D properties that are highly resistant to Rust and Oxidation. Turbine oil, like other lubricants, is made of two main types, Mineral or Fully Synthetic. The higher the technology of the devices, the more the use of Fully Synthetic turbine oil increases. Standard

 specifications (ISO a pdf table)