Aviation Oil

   Aviation oil: As its name suggests, these types of lubricants are for the aviation industry and are produced and marketed with very reliable technology.

   Aviation oils are used for all types of jet turbines, high pressure hydraulic systems, and most of them are made of high quality additives because the slightest problem of aviation oil and their lubrication will cause the risk of falls and so on.

 They are designed and manufactured to operate in a wide range of operating temperatures of moving engine and turbine components, bearings, gears, camshafts, rock arms, and pressure bars.

 The goals of lubrication are to improve energy efficiency, reduce friction, improve equipment life and reduce moving parts.

Aircraft oils come in four forms


1- Aircraft oil (piston, turbine)

 2- Aircraft grease

 3- Helicopter oil

 4- Air oil The aerial lubrication standard is defined by the US Army Standards Office. SAE 5780 and MIL – REF 7808 In grades 3, 4 and 5 and with quality materials and additives High thermal stability HTS and CI corrosion inhibitor