30 Years Experiences

Dr.Taeb & yekta-OPEC ,Vienna 2010

Dr.Taeb & yekta-OPEC ,Vienna 2012

Dr.Ghanimifard & me -OPEC,Vienna 2014

Energy course in Tabriz,2012

Yekta course in Ahvaz,IRAN 2003

Yekta course in Ahvaz,IRAN 2004

CEO, IOPTC, Isfahan laboratory,2008

Mr.Molestaneh, Yekta, Isfahan Laboratory

deputy of minister , isfahan laboratory,2008

ERALYTICS , Essembly room , Vienna2010

Isfahan Laboratory

Deputy of minister , isfahan laboratory,2008

Deputy of minister , isfahan laboratory,2008

Oil Ministry ,Elected Manager 2012

Memorial Photo, deputy oil minister, managing directors, oil managers

coffee break ,trainin course.Ahvaz 2005

Tests training , Tehran Laboratory2012

Fuel Analyses check by Yekta

training course , Tehan Laboratory 2010

Opening of Pol Baba Laboratory, Lorestan 2005

petroleum qc training course.Ahvaz2008

meet at miandoab oil centter 2009

Lubricants Lab, isfahan 2010

Oil center seperation valves,

petroleum lab instrumens,isfahan 2010

Dr. Roland & me& seller, Isfahan-IRAN2008

Lubricants Lab,Rust test, isfahan 2010

Aktau crude oil storages, SWAP program. Kazakistan2008

flash point test, Gonbad 2008

swap managers team ,baku ,Azarbaijan 2006

Iranian swap managers team ,baku,Azarbaijan 2006

Flash points tester instruments, tehran lab 2008

smart PIG

used PIG


Motor Octane machine, refinery

VITOL,Russia,Kazakistan ,Iran managers at hotel Renaissance, Aktau,Kazakistan

Yekta Editor book 1

Tehran LAB, training course2010

Condition Monitoring special tests, ASTM D4378

Atmospheric Distillation instrument

Neka Oil Center, crude oil Lab.2014

petroleum qc training course.Tehran2008

Distillation & demulcifire instruments

Condition Monitoring special training , ASTM D4378,Tehran 2020

official Yekta logo

aktau crude oil lab. kazakistan 2006

Aktau , city center. kazakistan 2006

Memorial Photo, managing directors, oil managers2012

delivery test instruments to Ghonbad center 2008

AUSTRIA ,Grabner instruments company. visit atVienna 2010