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About Us

We are the technical, engineering, operational and scientific training team of Naft Andish Yekta ( YEKTA Oil & Gas ) private JS Company


This company was established and registered in February 2014 in Tehran , IRAN & after that in 2015 registered in Istanbul ,TURKEY.The goal of our company is to provide comprehensive scientific and commercial services and project engineering and special training in the field of petroleum and lubricants.

We want to make the puzzle of the big market of Iran and the Middle East more colorful.

So that the end consumer makes informed purchases so that the quality of his business can flourish and be continuous and permanent.
We are one of the strongest young teams and experienced retirees in the oil industry for more than 28 years. We want the customer to be aware and active, and we believe that mutual respect is the priority of our every action.


From 2014 to 2020, we were able to carry out gasoline projects and standardization of industrial plants in Turkey( istanbul , Gabze) and Iraq (Erbil , Sulaymaniyah , Kirkuk) .And in Austria (Vienna , Graz) consulting petroleum laboratory equipment.
The CEO and founder of the company is one of the international experts in the petroleum industry and lubricants, and you can see his resume pdf file.

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Our motto is: Quality has no boundaries


We mean: Quality means continuous stable services



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