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Private Courses

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Private courses:

Private courses mean that private classes are designed and implemented by the experts of Naft Andish Yekta( yekta oil & gas ) Company at the request of companies, institutions, organizations and with the titles requested by them.

Obviously, the purpose of presenting the contents of the course and private classes in a completely specialized and special to the client customer and the content of the class is completely practical and to increase the level of awareness of the employees of that organization will be all points in Power Point, text and books.

Private Course topics will include: crude oil , oil refineries , Automotive lubricants , Industrial lubricants  machinery lubrication , petroleum products , petroleum laboratories & standard methods , gas

condensates & Refinery, and practical topics


The training course is the most specialized course and despite the same topics, content and content, the course implementation is transmitted to the participants in great detail.

But the participants' level of knowledge and experience is almost the same.


Therefore, the contents will be explained with more time than this. The type of training courses is determined and implemented based on the request of oil and customer areas and finally depends on the degree of engineers, experts and managers. In this course, many details are mentioned and the goal will be complete familiarity with sufficient mastery of oil cases.




For private education courses, the minimum number can be 10 and the maximum can be 20 . If the number is less or more, the class may be modified in coordination with the client and the applicant. Ultimately, the class will depend on the type of contract and will be done with the utmost precision and timing 




Based on its 28 years of international experience, Yekta Training offers a wide range of competency-based solutions that can be tailored to your company’s needs. Our solutions cover sectors as various as: Oil, Gas, petroleum products, Refining, & Chemicals, pipelines oil  Transport.

our courses are articulated on 4 levels : Discovery , Foundation , Competency and Expertise. Based on industry standards, we offer a certification process that ensures quality and guarantees the achievement of objectives.

In addition to face-to-face training Yekta Training offers a numerous distance training courses available both inter and intra



PITO 8 .



The location of the private courses will be determined with the coordination and request of the applicant and the client. The topics are displayed on the first page.


    • Crude oils: main constituents, properties, initial fractionation in petroleum cuts &kind of crude oils,desaltring,distillations,material transfering.
    • Petroleum products:gases, methane,ethane, propane,buthane,LPG,gasolines, kerosines ,diesels. base oils,fuel oils, bitumens, semi finish priducts
    • NG , CNG , LPG , Gasolines , Solvents , AW s , Jet fuel , ATK , Automotive Diesel Oils , Heating oils , Heavy fuel oils , Bitumens.
    • Main specifications, manufacturing constraints, storage and safety specificities.
    • Evolution of product specifications.
    • Bases and alternative fuels: ethanol, ETBE and FAME to making new fuels or improving & increase of RON of gasolines& catalists efecting .


    • Transfer by gravity: characteristics of gravity flow.
    • Transfer by pumping: by piplines , quality controil specifications by route map .
    • Performance of centrifugal pumps, simplified technology and adaptation to pumping circuits.
    • Operation of centrifugal pumps, start-up, shutdown, installation in series and parallel implementation.
    • Operation and simplified technology of volumetric pumps.
    • Operation of a transfer installation: practical and economic aspects, risks of vaporization, pressure surges, etc.
    • Transfer of crude oil and petroleum products by ship.
    • Application: study of transfer from one tank to another.


We know that finding time for professional development can be challenging. That’s why petroleum & lubricants courses are private ,online and can be completed at your own pace. When you grow your expertise and knowledge you increase your value.

Oil & Gas courses are designed and built by leaders in the field to provide unprecedented insight and guidance related to the oil and gas industry.

Access to YEKTA Training allows technical staff to stay abreast of industry advancements preparing them to be highly effective contributors and to shape their career.

The private courses are very sweet times to your company or your team . private courses designed by mr.yekta to all employees