Bitumen is a black and pasty material that is used in road asphalt and insulation.

Bitumen is the only final petroleum product that is heavier than water, all petroleum products without exception are lighter than water, and therefore the specific gravity of each petroleum product is its density relative to water.


Specific Granite @ 60˚F = [Density of petroleum (kg / m3)] / [Density of water (1) kg / m3]


Bitumen has many uses and is often used for road construction, iso gum and covering many industries. Bitumen is measured based on the degree of penetration (Penetration) and the identification index of a bitumen is the same degree of permeability.

Types of bitumen:

1-B 60/70

 2- B 85/100

 3- B Bitumen is produced and consumed according to geographical and climatic conditions.


Bitumen in cold regions can be used in tropical regions. Hydrocarbon bitumen is very dense and viscous and has a very high sulfur content.


Types of bitumen:

1-Natural bitumen: They are found under oil petals.

2- Petroleum bitumen that is refined from crude oil sediment( Vacuum Bottom Residue) Bitumen contains 11% hydrogen, 87% carbon and 2% oxygen.