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YEKTA  Oil & Gas private company  it can provide and perform the following laboratory services ( all tests & reporting analyses) for you& our customers  :

1-: ,viscosity , salt , water content,water& sediments,acidity , wax , dencity , specific gravity , sulfur of Crude Oil & Gas Condensates testing 

2-Gasolines , Kerosines , ATK , JP4 , Gasoils , Diesels , Fuel oils , Bitumens distillation,colour,ron,mercaptan,sulfur,flash point,freezing point,penetration, ...

3- Industrial & Automotive lubricants testing: viscosity , colour , sulfur, corrosion,flash point,particulates,CFPP,TAN,TBN,Foam.

  4-Oil Condition Monitoring Program Tests:TAN , TBN , viscosity , foam , particaltes , flash point , pour point , sulfur, RBOT, TOST, water content , colour ,...

5-Practical Training of all Standard Test Methods to operations,design,making worktable,calibrations of instruments& petroleum products.

6-Building of Petroleum Laboratories Designing, building and equipping laboratories for refineries and the private sector, pipelines and power plants.

7-Analyses & Interpretation all test results Proper testing of all petroleum materials and analysis of their results by experienced experts to improve working.

8-Purchase and Installation of test equipments and devices,Ordering, purchasing, delivery, commissioning,  practical training of all equipment for conducting standard, basic,  routine tests.


Petroleum laboratories test crude oil, petroleum feed-stocks, fuels and other petroleum refined products. Petroleum lab testing services support petroleum refining, cargo inspection, upstream, and related petroleum industry operations. Petroleum products tested include crude oil, fuels, gases, aromatics, petrochemicals, intermediate products, asphalt, pet-coke, pipeline transmix and more.

petroleum labs follow accepted industry testing standards, including ASTM, ISO, IP and others. The laboratory network is skilled in hydrocarbon related quality control, trouble-shooting, problem-solving and research support.

petroleum laboratories are strategically placed globally to support client petroleum refining, distribution, and exploration & production operations. Petroleum lab testing services are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

You, as our dear customer and as our audience, can use our laboratory services whenever you like. You can order your favorite service according to your opinion and our team will contact you immediately and will provide you with the necessary consultation.



The photos above are some of the advanced equipment for testing petroleum products, which is made in Germany and Austria.Right picture is  manual petroleum products distillation unit , the petrotest (anton paar ) and left picture  is full analyses instruments  of all gasolines , jet fuels , diesels,ATK,from ERALYTICS .Oil and Petroleum Contract Research Organizations and Oil and Petroleum Scientific Research Facilities. Browse our International Oil and Petroleum Scientific Laboratory Directories to help you meet your scientific research and laboratory testing needs.



In the photo above, you can see the diagram of how and the process of refining crude oil and turning it into usable and valuable products.Fractional distillation is the process by which oil refineries separate crude oil into different, more useful hydrocarbon  products based on their relative molecular weights in a distillation tower.

This is the first step in the processing of crude oil, and it is considered to be the main separation process as it performs the initial rough separation of the different fuels. The different components that are separated out during this process are known as fractions. Also, in the photos below, you can see the colleagues of the specialized laboratory of one of the oil centers in the north of Iran.


salehi 2


In the photo, you can see an example of oil laboratory equipment& Colleague at working . The devices are part of the best in the petroleum  industry. a lot of laboratory instruments are easy use to personels & easy to make calirations.The total sulfur in crude oil varies from below 0.05 percent (by weight), as in some Venezuelan oils, to about 2 percent for average Middle Eastern crudes and up to 5 percent or more in heavy Mexican or Mississippi oils.

Generally, the higher the DENCITY  of the crude oil (which determines whether crude is heavy, medium, or light), the greater its sulfur content. The excess sulfur is removed from crude oil prior to refining, because sulfur oxides released into the atmosphere during the combustion of oil would constitute a major PULLANT , and they also act as a significant corrosive agent in and on oil processing equipment.




Experts with oil laboratory experience with high accuracy and high reliability perform all standard tests of petroleum products and lubricants correctly and report to the relevant manager.

petroleum testing services support the entire petroleum products range: crude oil, refined petroleum products, refined fuels including gasolines, diesels, fuel oil, residual oil, LPG, industrial gases, and natural gas.

The petroleum testing labs follow ASTM, ISO, IP and other recognized petroleum  test methods and regulatory protocols.


labo 77


Automotive manufacturers are under constant scrutiny to reduce the emissions output and improve the fuel economy of their products whilst enhancing their vehicle’s performance. This means fuel and lubricant suppliers are required to provide high-performance products to enable manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage.

Yekta group laboratories test crude oil quality for important physical and chemical properties. Detailed crude oil assay quality test data helps place a commercial value on crude oil feedstocks during commercial transactions, and helps determine optimal feedstock choices for refineries.

Crude oil is tested by experienced petroleum chemists working with samples obtained from petroleum cargo tankers, reservoirs, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, E&P projects, and other sources. Yekta group is the leading provider of crude oil testing and assay services, with a global network of strategically located petroleum laboratories. Testing protocols include ASTM, IP, ISO, and others.




Yekta group supports oil refinery clients for the entire range of petroleum refining activities with laboratory testing, inspection services, infrastructure integrity, and other expertise. 

From crude oil feed stocks to final petroleum refined products. Yekta helps refinery clients achieve higher production efficiencies, improved quality, and sustained profitability. Petroleum refinery expertise is available on a global basis.

refinery tests :

  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Feed stocks Tests , Fuel Quality Testing , Petroleum Services , Petroleum Laboratory,Petroleum Testing , Petroleum Cargo Inspection , Crude Oil Rail Car Services , Refining and Distribution , Quality control testing at all stages ,Trouble-shooting and Problem-solving , Water & Waste Water Tests , Rutine Petroleum Products Tests , Corrosion Services , CO2 Emission Calculation , Laboratory Consulting , Evaluation and Bench marking , Hazardous Locations Services And more.