Engine Oil

Engine oil is made according to two mandatory standards :

SAE( Society of Automotive Engineers) = motor oil   quality = SAE quality level =viscosity grades &

API ( American Petroleum Institute )= engine technology year   = API performance level formulation and is marketed.

SAE about is quality of motor oil at cold &hot working situation.

API about is technology of engine performance sparke ( gasolines) engine from SA,...SN,SP& diesel engine from CA,...,CK-4,FA-4 

Engine oil is the most widely used lubricant in the automotive industry and is one of the largest profitable markets in the world.

Engine oil is also made from two types of base oils :

*mineral bases            : group 1 & 2 & 3

*fullu synthetic bases : group 4 ( PAO)  &  group5  ( ESTER )

note : semi synthetic motor oils  are only blend of ( %X mineral oil groups 2 or 3   +   %Y synthetic groups 4 or 5 ) : depend on  process & formulations.