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Agricultural Machinery Oil


Agricultural Machinery Oil

Agricultural oil refers to a set of lubricants used in the tractor, combine, and agricultural cycle industries.

Agricultural oils must have a good pressure tolerance when working with the machine.Most agricultural oils are emulsifiable.

Since agriculture became mechanized, the need for a variety of oils has increased. Agricultural devices and equipment, due to having many moving parts, must use good lubricating oils for their work.

Tractors, trailers and agricultural implements are made in such a way that they can work on any ground surface, and good lubrication requires good lubrication of those devices.

* Agricultural devices and implements It is always necessary to be ready to work during periodic services. Services that are preventive to prevent the device from being fired in the future.

Lubrication of agricultural implements requires special expertise to withstand the pressure of machine or tool traffic on uneven surfaces.

Agricultural oil has been one of the industrial oils from the beginning and its importance is very high.

Also, the oils of each type of agricultural device are different because the function of each device is different. All heavy-duty oils, greases, and transmission fluids that are recommended for the farming industry have one thing in common - they offer premium protection, impressive lubrication, reduced downtime, high resistance to water, oxidation, corrosion, and contamination, as well as increased resistance to heavy loads and high pressure.


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Becoming increasingly large, farms must be competitive and productive while observing environmental standards.

Tractors, combine harvesters, silage harvesters, grape harvesting machines use very high-performance engines that operate with different types of gear box: high level power shift or continuously variable transmissions.

Good lubrication of your agricultural equipment ensures reduced maintenance,  optimised operating costs and an extended lifetime for the equipment.

YEKTA assists farmers by offering a complete range of oils and greases adapted to better productivity in their industry. YEKTA lubricants allow for effective maintenance of a multitude of agricultural equipment




As you know, there are important sectors in the agricultural industry. Because it has a fundamental, direct and immediate role in the process of our daily life and health. Therefore, in all countries of the world, paying attention to the up-to-dateness and proper operation of agricultural machinery and related equipment is one of the priorities of that industry.


First of all, the type of tractors, equipment and lubrication machines in a timely manner is very important. As food demand grows, it will become more crucial in farming to save time where possible whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. By working together, we can supply smarter lubrication solutions so your business can continue to flourish.


We’ve put together some in-depth information containing valuable insights for your industry. Discover how we can help extend the life of farming equipment and lower your total cost of operation.The success of your agricultural operations depends on your ability to get the most from a wide range of equipment such as tractors, harvesters, seeders and spreaders.






  • verge cutter hydraulic circuits : The drive is provided either via the vehicle power hydraulic system or via front PTO-shaft. The verge mower is ideal for near roadside mowing work.
  • hydrostatic and hydraulic drive systems for silage harvesters, combine harvesters and grape harvesting machines
  • self-propelled sprayers : Self-propelled sprayers help farmers improve spraying efficiency & productivity while taking full advantage of every minute they have in the field.


The  range groups engine oils suitable for all types of agricultural machinery (tractors, silage harvesters, combines) and for all types of engine:

  • Tier 3, 4i and 4f / Stage 3A, 3B, IV : European emission standards for engines used in new non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) have been structured as gradually more stringent tiers known as Stage I...V standards.
  • with or without turbo, with or without particle filters : Diesel particulate filters have been fitted to diesel-fuel cars for almost two decades now - but if not maintained, or if tampered with there could be serious consequences for your machin.
  • with AD Blue® for treatment of emissions : AdBlue® reacts with harmful NOx emissions to create a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. DPF systems use a process called regeneration to remove buildup of particulates.
  • operating with biogas

These engine oils are available in different viscosities in SAE grades : 10W - 30 , 10W - 40 , 15W - 40 , 5W - 40 and in synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral.

Modern agricultural machinery, including tractors, harrows, combine harvesters, balers, fertiliser spreaders, grape harvesting machines, and corn-pickers, is constantly exposed to heavy usage, extreme temperatures, humidity, and harsh working conditions.

Proper lubrication of your farming equipment has numerous benefits for you and your business.  It allows you to achieve maximum performance, increase profits, reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, and overcome the challenges caused by demanding conditions, unfavourable temperatures, and harsh environments.

This guide will shed more light on some of the most important notions concerning lubrication in agriculture, such as its key advantages, types of lubricants used in the farming industry, and the practice of effective lubrication management.

In the world agricultural industry, various types of lubricants are used, such as: engine oil, gear oil, grease, brake & hydraulic fluid, and compressor oil



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Benefits of lubrication in agriculture

When it comes to modern agriculture and farming, effective lubrication provides several crucial advantages that help maximize productivity and minimize costs. By investing in proper lubrication, you can:  
Increase equipment efficiency and performance

The main role of every high-quality lubricant is to increase equipment reliability, boost its performance, and enhance productivity. As farming machinery and equipment is often exposed to unfavorable working conditions, extreme temperatures, heavy usage, and harsh weather, smart choice of lubricant is essential for keeping the equipment up and running.

Lubricants used in agriculture are specifically developed to maximize the level of performance of farming equipment, provide excellent wear and tear protection, ensure good energy efficiency, and offer exceptional performance even when exposed to most severe working conditions.


Moreover, a good lubricant is formulated to prevent contamination, protect the machinery against oxidation, corrosion, and rust, as well as provide longer oil drain intervals, which reduces the overall oil consumption.
All these features result in increased equipment uptime, greater operational reliability, and long-lasting performance, no matter the weather conditions or terrain. Thanks to this, your agricultural equipment will surely perform to its full potential, allowing your operations to run as efficiently as possible

Yekta company delivered lubricants for Drive line help you minimize carbon emissions and maximize equipment uptime, especially in peak season.Agricultural greases are not generally subject to high temperatures, but constraints of load, water wash-out or speed add to the diversity of the equipment to be lubricated.