Agricaltural Oil

Agricultural oil: Agricultural oil refers to a set of lubricants used in the tractor, combine, and agricultural cycle industries.

Agricultural oils must have a good pressure tolerance when working with the machine.

Most agricultural oils are emulsifiable.

Since agriculture became mechanized, the need for a variety of oils has increased. Agricultural devices and equipment, due to having many moving parts, must use good lubricating oils for their work.

Tractors, trailers and agricultural implements are made in such a way that they can work on any ground surface, and good lubrication requires good lubrication of those devices.

* Agricultural devices and implements It is always necessary to be ready to work during periodic services. Services that are preventive to prevent the device from being fired in the future.

Lubrication of agricultural implements requires special expertise to withstand the pressure of machine or tool traffic on uneven surfaces.

Agricultural oil has been one of the industrial oils from the beginning and its importance is very high.

Also, the oils of each type of agricultural device are different because the function of each device is different.