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YEKTA Company's business activities are divided into only two important sections : Petroleum industry and Lubricants.We have good refers for you.

This sections are the only specialty of the CEO and the team of experts of Yekta Company. Regarding lubricants, it should be said that industrial and automotive lubricants as well as items related to petroleum industry and products are one of the specialties and good experiences of Yekta Company. We have only two specialties, but we know and know these two very well.

A number of  product markets was back wardated through the year, meaning that spot prices were higher than forward prices.


However, this did not impede our ability to generate margin and highlighted the robustness of the physical trading model.




Our access to flows of light sweet crude   associated infrastructure, has become a key competitive advantage in the  arbitrage business. It also means we are well positioned to help our customers navigate the anticipated market disruption resulting from the introduction of IMO 2020, a rule lowering sulphur limits in marine fuel – another key market driver for this past year and next.


Volatility was also the dominant characteristic in fuel oil and gasoil as the markets prepared for IMO 2020. The reduction in bunker fuel sulphur specifications from 3.5 percent to 0.5 percent is one of the largest regulatory changes in the industry’s history.

It is having a huge impact on fuel oil and distillate flows but has also connected the balances and specifications of these products as they now share a pool of demand. The high-sulphur fuel oil market was tight in 2019 as a result sanctions  reduced supplies from Venezuela and Iran.


However, the prospective removal of 50 percent of high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) demand under IMO 2020 weighed heavily on the back of the curve, leading to extreme volatility and disconnects between paper and physical markets, and enhanced physical arbitrage opportunities.


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petroleum products & lubricants trading offers excellent opportunities to profit in nearly all market conditions due to its unique standing within the world’s economic and political systems. Also, industry sectors volatility has risen sharply in recent years, ensuring strong trends that can produce consistent returns for short-term swing trades and long-term timing strategies.

Yekta team has the ability to provide you with the highest quality complete service related to various types of industrial and automotive lubricants, as well as the extensive  petroleum industry in the best possible time.

 Regarding oil trade, it should be clearly explained that we only trade lubricants, including: turbine oil, hydraulic oil, aviation oil, compressor oil, gear oil, grease , base oil, motor oil, ATF& CVT,brake fluid as well as final and semi-finished petroleum products other than crude oil ( not crude oil) . According to the decisions of the board of directors of Yekta Company, in other cases, we never want to take any action or activity.

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Yekta lubricants division markets high-quality products for a wide range of applicants covering automotive, industrial, marine and other specialized applications. Our products conform to the highest international standards and specifications viz. API, ACEA, JASO, and also meet OEM specifications. The lubricants are provide in Dubai within ISO framework of 901:2000.

Just contact our team to achieve good results. Our business in this regard and our services have a sufficient guarantee for your use of our products and services


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In the case of petroleum trading, it should be noted that Yekta Group is the supplier of your requests in proportion to the amount of your purchase or sale at a reasonable and profitable price. Therefore, the best planning is joint business action.

In the commercial sector, Yekta Company tends to jointly invest in the production of industrial and automotive lubricants with good quality grade. It also provides its partners and shareholders with the use of its valuable knowledge and experience. And offered to the market at a reasonable price. The Iranian market is a very profitable and reliable market.

Our trade section involves in oil distribution, logistics and trading services. We trade crude and refined products, adding value at every level of the supply chain – from sourcing to the final delivery to our customers.




Global Oil & Gas Trading Also Actively Assists Several Other Types of Oil and Gas Investments

Broadly speaking, we facilitate four main types of oil and gas investments:

1. Exploration
These companies or projects buy or lease land and invest money in drilling. If they strike oil, the investment can pay off 10 times over – sometimes much more if the company uses borrowed money (leverage) to finance operations. If not, they may lose nearly everything they invested in that particular project. Pure exploration companies are best suited for those with very high tolerance for investment risk. These plays are highly speculative.

2. Developing
These projects drill near proven reserves, hoping to unlock further value. These are somewhat less speculative, but there are never any guarantees that their efforts on any one plot of land will bear fruit.

3. Income
These projects involve the acquisition of plots of land, either through lease or purchase, over proven oil and gas reserves, and seek to create a steady stream of income over and above expenses. This is generally the safest way to get involved specifically in the drilling and extraction operations, and is more of an income play than a speculative play. The risk is that the oil or natural gas will run out faster than expected.

This investment is for those seeking a passive income stream, but who can take on more risk than those investing in other traditional income generators, like investment grade bonds and annuities.

4. Services and Support
These companies provide a nearly unlimited menu of supporting services to the oil and gas industry. Examples include transportation, shipping and logistics companies, pipeline companies, construction and rigging companies, drilling and refining hardware and equipment manufacturers, refiners, and many others.

Investing in these companies is similar to investing in any other company involved in B2B services, logistics, technology, and the like. Some of these investments don’t rely on increasing fuel prices to be profitable. For example, pipelines make money by charging a fee per barrel transported. They’ll make roughly the same amount regardless of whether fuel prices rise or fall, as long as demand remains consistent.


The quantity and profile of infrastructure investment, along with the logistics coordination, influence Yekta’s trade performance. Our access to logistics, storage and blending facilities enable us to deliver a wide range of products on time, and in accordance with our customers’ requirements. We understand that our reputation depends on honoring our commitments, doing what is right for the long-term and always treating others with respect, honesty and integrity.

YEKTA Petroleum Products Trading is a key component in our strategy to build a truly integrated downstream business. We are a leading player in trading petroleum products in Iran and also the region, assuring reliable flow of the commodities to our partners . Our products include: Fuel Oil, Gasoil, Gasoline, Naphtha, and LPG.