Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil : One of the most important oils in the automotive, heavy, aviation and aerospace industries is hydraulic oil. The main task of hydraulic oil is power transmission and lubrication in the relevant part.

This type of oil makes the hydraulic parts move better and transfers power to other parts easily.

The role of hydraulic oil in the car is to act as a fluid to move the parts and speed up their movement.

There are two main

types of hydraulic oil


1- Type of petroleum oil


2-A type of synthetic oil that uses pressure and current factors to transfer power. Hydraulic oil has vital applications in passenger aircraft such as moving wing surfaces and landing gear, and in heavy industry pumps, jacks and cranes.


Oil performance depends on the correct viscosity of the oil, system type, operating temperature, acidity, R&D, absorption rate.

Moisture has the resistance of the oil layer.

Hydraulic oil standards are subject to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and some standards of important factories such as SIEMENS, ALESTOM, etc.