Marine lubricants

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Marine Oil

The lubrication of marine diesel engines presents its own particular problems.These arise from the sheer size of the engines, their high efficiencies and the fuel they burn.

Cylinder bore diameters can be in excess of 1 m and their high efficiency is achieved with firing pressures of 150 bar resulting in liner temperatures of over 200 °C.

The fuels burned include poor quality residual fuels with viscosities of 100 cSt at 80 °C, sulphur contents of 4% or more and carbon residues of up to 22% wt. In addition, the crankcase oil charge is simply topped up and only drained if excessively contaminated

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Until recently, any article concerning the lubrication of marine engines would have included a section on steam turbines but, due to the rapid escalation of fuel prices in the late 1970s, their use has been virtually discontinued.


The improved design and efficiency of modern marine diesel engines means that steam turbines are no longer used even for cruise vessels or large (250 000 tones) crude oil carriers.
Marine lubrication includes the use of ancillary grades such as hydraulic oils, compressor oils, gear oils, grease, etc.


Their application is covered in chapters 8 and 11 but a sound knowledge of these and other grades is required by anyone connected with marine lubrication.
The supplier of marine lubricants is faced with considerations not always applicable to other lubricating oils. Any given marine lubricant has to be available at the same quality, at relatively short notice and at literally hundreds of ports throughout the world.


In addition, the ship operator frequently requires advice on lubrication and related problems, together with a used oil analysis service.




  marine lubricants use for hydraulic systems , bearing systems , air compressor, gas compressor , turbines , engines , refrigerating systems , gear systems ,environmentally .


Marine grease needs to offer shipowners machinery lubrication under tough conditions.
Based on a calcium sulfonate formula, The enhanced properties of our greases' range allow for high levels of pumpability and lubrication even when onboard machinery is running at high speed and temperatures.

we have developed a wide range of lubricants that cater to all the needs of the marine , both for engines and on-board machinery.  


Lubricants is member of the Total Lubmarine network and has been a cofounding partner for more than 10 years. Through this network, the latest-generation marine oils are supplied at every section.


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We provide our clients with marine oils designed for 2-stroke and 4-stroke propulsion engines, in addition to all the other lubricants and greases used in their vessels's various machinery.


We also offer biodegradable oils (EAL) as an alternative for machinery that might otherwise cause pollution, and for boats that need to navigate waters where VGP regulations are in force.Freight and passenger ships are often at sea for weeks or months, withstand extremely  environmental conditions, and place extremely high demands on people and equipment.


Specialty lubricants are optimally aligned to the shipboard applications, protect against corrosion and wear, and improve the overall efficiency of gears, rudders and propellers. Stern tube oil, cable grease and gear oil from Yekta Lubrication team share a focus on uncompromising performance, cost optimisation and extremely high standards for environmental protection and safety.



Marine lubricants are purchased on the recommendation of Yekta Company Lubricants are of high quality


Seawater, rain and high humidity accelerate the corrosion of port facilities and harbour cranes, while cables, winches and gears are exposed to strong forces from wind, waves and tides. Extremely high reliability is required in this situation. Every outage leads to complicated rescheduling and incurs high costs.


Yekta Lubrication  section therefore develops specialty lubricants precisely matched to the demands of ports and locks. They improve performance and efficiency, contribute to safety, and improve sustainability thanks to stringent environmental standards.




Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) is a type of fuel oil and is a blend of gasoil and heavy fuel oil, with more gasoil than intermediate fuel oil used in the maritime field. Marine Diesel Oil is also called "Distillate Marine Diesel".

MDO is widely used by medium speed and medium/high speed marine diesel engines. It is also used in the larger low speed and medium speed propulsion engine which normally burn residual fuel. Those fuels result from a catalytic cracking and visbreaking refinery.


Marine diesel oil has been condemned for its nimiety of sulfur, so many countries and organizations established regulations and laws on MDO use.




Due to its lower price compared to more refined fuel, MDO is favored particularly by shipping industry.

Premium grade grease designed for maximum lubrication and protection against degradation / corrosion, penetrates well and lubricates the steel ropes between the strings to reduce damaging friction.


Highly recommended to use a pressurized wire rope lubricator to fully take advantage of the grease’s thixotropic properties (the grease softens under pressure) in order to maximize the product’s penetrating ability. The product will not leave a sheen on water after contact.

Like a mariner once seeking safe harbour, today’s ship managers are searching for environmentally friendly lubricants that match the overall performance of traditional lubricants.


Following the introduction of mandatory use of so-called Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) in specific applications on vessels, several lubricant products came onto the market which, although they met the legal requirements, did not achieve the traditional level of performance.


The tribologists at Yekta Lubrication program have now developed a technology for producing long lasting synthetic oil based lubricants leading to a new generation of EALs that meet both excellent performance and environmental sustainability targets.

air compressor
For the lubrication of operators' equipment, it helps to optimize performance and high efficiency, as well as
longer oil life, and provides full protection against wear, high temperature and abnormal humidity in the sea.

Bearings and circulation

system Fully enriched lubricant, with extreme pressure EP additives that continue to function under operating conditions of water, dust or soil contamination and provide the longest oil life in harsh conditions.
Hydraulic oil
and shock absorber Hydraulic lubrication helps the equipment to be designed, manufactured and used with reliable pressure lubrication in operation with the latest technology to increase the life of the pump under severe operating conditions.
Turbine oil
Turbine lubricant helps improve performance, increases oil durability and system efficiency, and protects against corrosion and deposits. Marine turbine oil is delivered according to ISO standards
Marine grease
Advanced polyurea synthetic multi-purpose grease, designed for use under extreme temperature and humidity operating conditions. These types of high quality greases are made and delivered according to German standards.
Gear oil
Equipment lubricants for marine operators, which have helped to improve performance and high efficiency, protect against wear of small and large parts, and the quality of oil, the life of ship parts has been extended.
Gas compressor lubricant
is designed and manufactured in accordance with the technical and operational needs of every industry, which includes protection and continuous lubrication of equipment regularly and continuously with global standards.
Heat transfer oil
Gearbox transmission liquid oil, with superior quality and high performance, is suitable for power transmission under heavy operating conditions (temperature, humidity, water, and harsh geographical conditions) so that you can safely move in the sea.