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Public Courses

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 Public courses of oil industry and lubricants are held by experienced experts of Yekta Oil Company.
These courses are performed in general and courses equipped with audio and video equipment.
These types of courses are public and registration in them is done online and after reaching the quorum, according to the annual educational calendar, it is held.
Public course topics will include: crude oil , oil refineries , Automotive lubricants , Industrial lubricants , machinery lubrication , petroleum products , petroleum laboratories & standard methods , gas condensates & Refinery, and practical topics.
At the end of each course, a valid certificate will be presented to the participants.

The public education course is the same as the other courses and the topics, content and content are almost the same. But the level of knowledge and experience of the participants is not the same. Therefore, the contents are expressed in relation to this case. The type of training courses is determined and implemented based on the request of oil and customer areas and finally depends on the degree of engineers, experts and managers.

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For public education courses, the minimum number can be 15 and the maximum can be 25. If the number is less or more, the class may be modified in coordination with the client and the applicant. Ultimately, the class will depend on the type of contract and will be done with the utmost precision and timing.


The location of the public courses will be determined with the coordination and request of the applicant and the client. The topics are displayed on the first page.

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The public courses of petroleum & lubricants are very special training to new customers.because new cutomers need to save monyey and save time to increase of benefits in market.

Yekta is an international petroleum  training organization. We specialize in petroleum  trainings, including API, ASME,ASTM, and  training. Yekta also provides consultancy and news report on petroleum & lubricants. Yekta is private company with headquarter based in Tehran and offices in Istanbul, Vienna Austria

Yekta offers  trainings ranging from exploration & production, surface facilities, business and other related modules. TOP Energy Training believes that collaboration provides the highest quality, most informed, online oil and gas curriculum for professionals. Our emphasis on collaboration led to the formation of an educational consortium made up of  some State University. With our combined resources and expertise, we design and create online training courses for aspiring oil and gas professionals, focusing on the fundamental technology, science, and engineering of oil and gas operations.

Faculty and specialists from oil and gas experts with a range of industry backgrounds and environmental approaches, and non-governmental professionals with a diversity of technical and environmental insight have helped create our course material. We’ve assembled a team of professionals and educators who provide unbiased, objective information about technological advancements and trends in an engaging online learning environment.

Yekta is the combination of the two words, Petroleum & lubricants. We believe in knowledge advancement and sharing. The name means synchronizing all petroleum knowledge with all petroleum professionals around the world.