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Practical Lubrication Training

Practical Lubrication Training
In the  petroleum industry, practical and applied training plays an essential role in maintaining very expensive equipment and devices, correct and continuous operation, and safe development of operational and engineering units HSE. .
First of all, it is necessary for the colleagues to increase their knowledge in the field of oil quality control and to get acquainted with and master the materials they work with every day, and to prevent and control possible accidents quickly to finally prevent crises and catastrophes.
The book you see was written by the CEO of the company in 2015 and was given to 2,000 volumes for free to the colleagues of Iran's oil industry during the nationwide training courses.
This book refers to all the standard lubrication cases and analyzes and specifications of automotive, turbine and industrial lubricants.
At present, this book is taught as a reference with technical and operational value in many Iranian universities

About important titles of this book :

1-Base oils & Formulations

2-Motor oil ,ATF,Gear oil

3-Turbine oil ,Hydraulics,Greases

4-Condition Monitoring ASTM D4378

5-Petroleum test methods

6-Fully synthetic lubricants test methods

7-Tables of iranian & global standards

8-Operation of lubricants plant

9-Quality Control Engineerin

10-Machinery Lubrication program