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Engine Oil Training

Engine Oil Training

The engine is like the heart of the car and the engine oil acts like the blood for the heart.

The quality of the engine oil is of particular importance for the health of the car engine.
Motor Oil quality control level( mean viscosity grades xxW-yy) by  SAE standard &  engine performance level ( Sx/Cy) by API tested ,controlled & certified . All over the world, these standards are well observed by countries and oil factories.
The type of engine oil is divided into two major groups of mineral ( group 1,2,3) and synthetic ( group 4 : PAO , group 5 : ESTER ).
The quality of synthetic engine oil is much higher than the quality of mineral engine oil

note : semi synthetic motor oil are only blended of( %X group 2,3 base +%Y group 4 or 5 base)

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