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Yekta group started its activities in 2010 in the field of consulting small oil projects of Mini Refinery. The first project to renovate and operate a small refinery in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, was successfully completed within one  month.

Many equipments were replaced or used and a new P&ID was drawn, after which Kirkuk crude oil was injected into the injection system and the furnaces were turned on, and the operation began with receiving light and heavy naphtha, kerosine and gas oil.


Consulting is defined as the practise of providing a third party with expertise on a matter in exchange for a fee. The service may involve either advisory or implementation services. For the consultant, taking an independent and unbiased stance on an issue is central to his/her role.
The operation was accompanied by training of workers and technicians of the complex. 


A petroleum engineer consultant works in the oil and gas mining field to ensure that all mechanical, electrical and human services run efficiently. It is the responsibility of the petroleum engineer consultant to devise and develop tactics for mining oil and gas from deep deposits below the earth’s surface. It is also your duty to generate new methods to extract gas and oil from older wells.


Yekta Company currently provides advice for the following:

1- Design, construction , installation ( EPC) of small oil & gas condensate refinery.          5- Provid  petroleum laboratory test devices reliable companies.

2- Purchasing any kind of refinery equipment and oil pipelines& industries.                      6- Valid Third Party Inspection , to oil & gas ,lubricants plant.

3- Designing and purchasing equipment for lubricants production units.                          7- Internal table setting of petroleum laboratories by ceramics .

4- Design and construction of oil and gas  laboratory & equipments .                              8- Motor oil plant : Design , EPC ,
Blending , Filling ,  production.

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is a Tehran based, international petroleum consulting Yekta group which specializes in oil and gas reserves appraisals and risk analysis for international  petroleum industry. In conjunction with its associates in Tabriz, Erbil, Istanbul and Vienna, Yekta is dedicated to provide its clients high quality engineering and management services.


Yekta is headed by Esmaeil Yekta, former director at nioptc company( 28 years) of  and CEO of Yekta oil & gas private co., a tehran based petroleum engineering firm he founded and directed for 10 years. Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice and accessing consultants' specialized expertise.

What is the meaning of consulting services?
Consulting Services means the provision of expertise or strategic advice that is presented for consideration and decision-making. A Non-consulting Service Provider is an individual or a company who contracts to provide services, other than consulting services to another individual or business.


What does it mean to become a consultant?
A consultant is a person who's an expert in a particular field who gives professional advice to individuals and businesses in their area of expertise, usually on a temporary or contract basis until a particular need has been met.


You need to complete your graduation degree as a minimum requirement for employers in the consulting sector inindustrial. Management consulting jobs require at least a few years of work experience. It may work in your favour to work in other business and project management positions.This professional offers technical advice and guidance in a specialized sector of petroleum engineering.
As a specialist, the petroleum engineer consultant collaborates with the drilling specialists to facilitate drilling and extraction of oil and gas.

As a professional, he monitors the company’s daily operations for its adherence to integrity to maintain high levels of production. He offers technical support to all phases of gas well activities like production surveillance, safe operations, well completions and utilization of new technologies.


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The petroleum engineer consultant conducts searches around the globe for oil and natural gas reservoirs. He collaborates with geologists and other professionals to gather the geological information and the characteristics of the reservoir’s rocks to determine the most suitable drilling methods they will employ for extraction and process operations.


This specialist uses computer models to simulate the drilling effects of a variety of drilling options and chooses the most optimal and efficient preference.




This professional also establishes and executes advanced recovery options because they will extract only a small percentage of oil and gas under natural forces.EPC Recruitment Solutions is an engineering and technical recruitment specialist, with over 20 years' experience in successfully placing high calibre staff for contract, interim and permanent roles throughout the refineries.

Built on extensive industry knowledge, experience and a wide Consultants offers clients invaluable recruitment support.Pipeline provides executive search and recruitment services the "old fashioned way."  We do not simply utilize standard search methods such as job board postings - our consultants find outstanding candidates through consistent detective work, referrals and word of mouth.  We have multiple in-depth discussions with each potential candidate and client company in order to understand and match their exact needs, wants and interests. 

From closing gaps and addressing challenges identified in one of our benchmarking studies, to receiving expert guidance to address a wide range of operational opportunities or challenges, we can help.  

We use benchmarking diagnostics and an interview process to identify specific cost areas (typically two or three) that offer the greatest potential for cost savings and efficiency improvements. By conducting comprehensive reviews of your current practices and utilizing our best practices knowledge and extensive staff experience, we recommend appropriate best practices that fit within your operations and corporate culture.

A specialized search firm focusing on the healthcare industry, Pipeline is known as the group to call when a company wants to ensure they get the "best available" person for that difficult to fill position or when an individual needs an honest career evaluation.