Yekta group started its activities in 2010 in the field of consulting small oil projects of Mini Refinery. The first project to renovate and operate a small refinery in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, was successfully completed within one  month.

 Many equipments were replaced or used and a new P&ID was drawn, after which Kirkuk crude oil was injected into the injection system and the furnaces were turned on, and the operation began with receiving light and heavy naphtha, kerosine and gas oil. 
The operation was accompanied by training of workers and technicians of the complex.  


Yekta Company currently provides advice for the following:

 1- Design, construction and installation ( EPC) of a small oil and gas condensate refinery.

 2- Purchasing any kind of refinery equipment and oil pipelines.

 3- Designing and purchasing equipment for lubricants production units.

 4- Design and construction of oil and gas laboratory.

 5- Purchasing all kinds of  petroleum laboratories testing devices from reliable global companies.

 6- Valid Third Party Inspection .

 7- Internal table setting of petroleum laboratories.