Turbines & Industrial Oils

Industrial lubricants specially Turbine oils are a very important part of Iran's very large market. Yekta group, considering the 30 years of experience in the oil industry, the urgent need of the heavy industries, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries, designed and formulated a new turbine, hydraulic and compressor gear oil, so that each of these lubricants has low ash (Ash) and Sulfur is very low and will not have corrosive and abrasive effects in the workplace, and the additives for industrial lubricants produced by this company are all with international certifications and world quality.

Industrial oils including turbine oil, hydraulic oil, agricultural oil, marine oil, industrial gear oil, industrial greases have occupied a large and important market in the global lubricant industry.
---Turbine oils are widely used in commercial aviation, military aviation, petroleum transportation & refineries,   development of gas transmission pipelines by petroleum pipelines and large ships and aircraft carriers.
---Also, hydraulic oil has various and vital applications in heavy industries, large factories, power plants, commercial     aircraft, military jets, transportation and mines, and the automotive industry.
---And Large factory automation department
---Agricultural oils are used for agricultural machinery and tractors.
---Marine oils including tankers, military ships, merchant and transport.