Crude oil, Gas Condensate, petroleum products, lubricants are a very important part of the projects and activities of the YEKTA oil company. The type of crude oil, how the processes of converting it into petroleum products, how to modify some of their standard specifications have always increased the level of experience and awareness of the company's experts.

 very Important note :
1- Crude oil and gas condensate have only specifications.They never have standard specifications.
 2. All petroleum products from crude oil and gas condensate refining , without exception, have standard specifications around the world .  Because many of them are used worldwide.for example :commercial jet fuels or gasolines and trading.
Of course, for domestic consumption, a separate standard may be followed. 
Crude oil refining process:
* Semi-final products: C1,C2,C3,nC4,iC4,Penthane ,natural gas, liquefied petroleum gases, light naphtha( L.S.R.G), heavy naphtha( H.S.R.G) , ORD : One Run Distillation : the same heavy naphtha , kerosine , gasoil , LLC , HLC , ISO Feed  , fuel oil , bitumen , sulfur 
* Final products: Natural Gas (general use) , LPG (capsule) , car gasolines , aviation gasolines , JP4 , JP5 ,  JP8, kerosine , ATK , Gasoils , lubricants material for base oil , Fuel oils , Bitumens.
Gas condensate refining process: The final products are Euro standards:  LPG , gasolines, kerosines , gasoils