Machinery Lubrication Training

Yekta international group, due to its very valuable experiences, especially teaching for more than 20 years, the company CEO and founder of Mr. Yekta , has successfully conducted many courses on industrial lubrication training, etc. in the 15 past years in public and private centers in the university, industrial sections, petroleum ministry around of iran ,Erbil , Vienna,Singapore,Dubai,istanbul.

In addition to implementation, the lubrication and condition monitoring of industrial lubrication team has trained and prepared services for each of the relevant organizations. Including Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company, National Gas Company and .

The main part of lubrication training was lubrication of turbines with viscosity grades of lubricants  ISO 32 , ISO 46 , ISO 68 , ISO 100 and hydraulic oils, industrial refractory lubricants and gear oil, which were separately trained and lubrication processes were performed well.
This section is done entirely with the recommendations of NORIA, ICML and STLE. The necessary request has been sent to represent these three institutions and now Naft Andish Yekta pte  Company is waiting for their official response to act as their exclusive representative in Iran.
Therefore, due to the wait, no certificates or documents can be issued by this company at the moment.
Proper and standard training has highlighted the need to maintain the health and performance of heavy and light industry equipment, so that now large global organizations such as NORIA, ICML, STEL, AOCS are only teaching psychoanalysis with important topics and thus billions.
 The dollar has saved savings in recent years in the advanced aviation, oil and gas and petrochemical industries of power plants, maritime transport and the world's largest automotive network.
Yekta group has also implemented applied lubrication courses in the Ministry of Oil of Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Istanbul and Singapore during the five years of close relations with the above-mentioned centers and membership in them academically.
In proper lubrication, choosing the right lubricant for that industry is of particular importance.
The management of Yekta group is now one of the operational and practical organizers of the machinery lubrication industry in the country.