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Laboratory Activity


Some members of Yekta Group were employed in the laboratories of Iranian crude oil refineries from the very beginning and gained a lot of experience in laboratory activities and analysis of crude oil and gas condensate and petroleum products and gases and chemicals, quality control.

Experiments that lasted 30 years and now the results of each type of experiment are properly analyzed. In addition to these experiences, they have sufficient knowledge of laboratory equipment and are very proficient in their use and sometimes perform their repairs.

1- Quality Control laboratory: In each shift(per 12 hour : DAY/NIGHT), many standard specifications of semi finish  & finish  petroleum products and crude oil, units and storage finish tanks by technicians  are controlled.
2- Special laboratory: daily performance, aircraft fuel specifications, Jet fuels  & ATK ,JP4,...& weekly important ASTM ,UOP,BS, DIN  methods tests.
3- Water laboratory: During the day, the condition and specifications of the water entering the refinery & utility  plant waters.
4- Solution Laboratory: The solutions used in the experiment are made with ASTM methods for tests .
5- Gas laboratory: During the day, samples of Natural Gas, LPG and the like with GC .
6- Analytical laboratory: Important elements of petroleum products and crude oil are tested and if they are standard, they are approved for the market.
Laboratory activities, oil and lubricants are an important part of Yekta Group's years of management experience. Valuable activities in oil laboratories of Tabriz, Tehran, Bandar Abbas refineries. Development of current standards in each activity has created powerful treasures regarding oil laboratory knowledge, interpretation and technical analysis of any industrial and automotive oils analysis in Naft Andish Yekta ( yekta oil & gas ) PTE Company.
It is necessary to mention, regarding the activities of the oil laboratory, that mastering the affairs and the process and conducting oil and gas tests and quality control is the result of at least 15 years of increasing efforts and studying valid international standards, so that the company's experts are among the technical judges in this regard in the country.
In general, each test has its own standards and each standard has its own limitations. Therefore, the activities are accompanied by standard training of ASTM, IP, UOP, DIN and API.