Engine Oil ( Motor Oil )

engin oil 2    Engine Oil is an important part of the trading and training of Naft Andish Yekta PTE Company.

The company started importing one of the Fully Synthetic based motor oil brands from Japan in 2015 through Singapore. 
The customers of this oil were reputable companies of Iran Benz( setareh iran co.), Toyota ( irtoya), reputable and large repair shops in Tehran and provincial centers, and the brand was viewed on the main site of German Benz standards and had approval certificates of MB229.5, MB2295.1, MB229.3, etc.
 * Engine oil is made on the basis of two big types of bases :
Mineral- synthetic
*Mineral engine oils are from the bases of API groups 1, 2 & 3, and synthetic oils are from the bases of  API  group4 (PAO s) & group 5 (ESTER s ).

API : American Petroleum Institute  - API is a big global standard organization.

-In its first 100 years, API has developed more than 7000 standards to enhance operational safety, environmental protection and sustainability across the industry ...en17

* The advantages of groups 4and 5 (Fully Synthetic groups) compared to oil engine oils are many, including: long consumption life, high oxidation resistance, reduction of car engine fuel consumption, environmental compatibility, no corrosion, no friction, low SAPS ... 
Disadvantages: They are expensive and not produced in many countries.

Important Note : semi synthetic motor oils  are only blend of two base  : ( %X mineral base oil groups 2 or 3   +  %Y synthetic base oil groups 4 or 5 ) , and means depend on  process & formulations . semi-synthetic  is not  API base oil group .

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Engine Oil Yekta Group, since 2015, has been importing 4th and 5th generation car lubricants under the TOTACHI brand as an exclusive representative from Japan and through Singapore.
Due to the valuable experiences of the founder of the company regarding car lubricants and his reputation in the oil industry, the above brand was introduced and recognized in the market very quickly and the star companies of Setareh  Iran (Iran Mercedes Benz), Iran Toyota (IRTOYA) and many Ramak khodro dealerships The car (Ramakkhodro) became a regular customer of the company. 
 * Activity in this case: Imports from Japan, Singapore, Austria and in the coming months will open a factory for the production of automotive lubricants based on Fully Synthetic. At API performance level of engines, S means is spark system( gasolines) engines & C means is commercial and passenger cars diesel engines.en14



API  C - Series Services Classification For Commercial Cars DIESEL Engine Oil :




SAE : Society of Automotive Engineers -This society is responsible for establishing a classification system based solely on oil viscosity.Organization SAE works for the quality of motor oils of automotive and industrial lubricants while monitoring the quality of production based on the viscosity. Writing and displaying this standard on the containers of all lubricants is mandatory.en16

ISO-International Organization for Standardization

ISO is a big global & international organization to all industry sections


AGMA : American Gear Manufacturers Association

ILSAC : International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee



As you can see in the tables and diagrams above, engine oil is completely affected by its viscosity factor against engine temperature and geographical environment. Therefore, in purchasing and using any type of engine oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the geographical conditions and type of technology of the year of manufacture of the car engine, as well as the number of cylinders and the type of mineral or synthetic base oil so that your car repair costs do not increase. There are cars that have old technology but are still being produced and we need to pay attention to their engine type and degree of viscosity.

en18xx W is SAE viscosity grade The start time of the car is in the cold of the engine & yy is SAE viscosity grade at car driving


en19 Table of engine oil use according to the geographical temperature of the place                        

As you can see, the thin film of full synthetic engine oil has better protection than mineral engine oil due to the uniformity of the molecules that make up the oil.

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