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ocm 22 It is a OCM program and Naft Andish Yekta Company (yekta oil & gas PTE co. )can complete its entire Condition Monitoring program from A to Z (ordering, sampling, testing, data analysis and recommendations). titles:


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What is Oil Condition Monitoring?

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) is a crucial element of any predictive maintenance schedule. OCM includes measuring, monitoring and analysing changes in lubricant and fuel oils for contamination and chemical content, and tracking degradation in oil quality from new to end-of-life. This data provides insights into issues affecting performance and reliability, and can form the basis of an effective maintenance programme .

Why monitor oil condition?

Accurate, high quality oil condition analysis provides a deep insight into the health and status of your equipment. Contamination by fuel, water or acid, can quickly lead to oil losing it’s lubrication properties and subsequent equipment damage.

Small unseen issues, which if left to develop will cause a major breakdown, will be reflected in miniscule changes in oil condition. As oil condition degrades with use, you are able pin-point the exact time for maintenance, extending service intervals without risk.

Note: All you have to do is select a Yekta group for oil condition monitoring program consultation. From A to Z, we will consult and follow the process and complete it.


The oil condition monitoring program is a global standard ASTM  D4378 and all industries in all countries follow this standard and do it correctly.

As you can see, the oil condition monitoring program is very important for any industry because it reduces repair costs and increases the efficiency of the device and ultimately increases the life of the equipment.


You can confidently and powerfully contact  our team  , and contact us to provide you with the most appropriate lubrication condition monitoring and related tests in accordance with global standards. All you have to do is contact us and complete your order with the financial department. And during your needs , the Yekta team will be by your side.