Compressure Oil

Compressor Oil


Premium Quality Lubricants for Air Compressors

Product Description

Compressor Oil has been formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide outstanding lubrication in a variety of rotary and reciprocating air compressors. All ISO viscosity grades are formulated with outstanding oxidation performance, wear protection, resistance to rust and corrosion, rapid water separation and foam control.


Features and Benefits

Compressor Oil is designed to provide long service life in most compressor applications. The thermal stability and oxidation resistance of these fluids can help to maintain cleaner compressors, thereby enabling longer running periods between scheduled maintenance and oil changes. The outstanding anti-wear and corrosion protection are designed to enhance equipment life, while reducing maintenance requirements.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Outstanding resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation

Reduced deposits and coking, extended service life with the potential for reduced maintenance

Potent anti-wear protection

Can help reduce compressor component wear and thereby reduce maintenance requirements

Excellent rust and corrosion protection

Internal components are protected from surface degradation, thereby extending component life

Rapid release of foam and air release control

Rapid release of foam and air, protecting components from aeration and cavitation damage, leading to reduced wear

Rapid water separation from the oil

Less carryover to downstream equipment.
Reduced sludge formation in crankcases, discharge lines, coalescers, and coolers



  • Compressor Oil 68 is suitable for use in rotary vane and screw compressors.
  • Compressor 68, 122 and 220 are effective as "once-through" lubrication of reciprocating compressor cylinders as well as crankcases and some types of rotary compressors.
  • Recommended for Vacuum pumps and as R&O lubricants in other industrial oil applications
  • Compressor Oil is not recommended for breathing air or oxygen compression
  • In severe service applications, where equipment is subject to higher operating temperatures, subject to excessive deposits varnish and shortened service life.
  • Follow the compressor manufacturers recommendations for lubricant selection
  • For gases other than air or natural gas and for specific compressor lubricant recommendations, please your Imperial Oil representative.


Typical Properties

Compressor Oil




Kinematic Viscosity




Pour Point °C




Flash Point °C




Density @15°C




Colour, ASTM





Health and Safety

The products described on this data sheet are manufactured from high quality petroleum base stocks, carefully blended with selected additives. As with all petroleum products, good personal hygiene and careful handling should always be practiced. Avoid prolonged contact to skin, splashing into the eyes, ingestion or vapour inhalation. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.